Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Gift Suggestion:

Peanuts!  (everybody loves Peanuts)

We have a wide variety of Peanuts books. From the new Fantagraphics Peanuts Library (in both paperback and hardcover), reprints of 1960's paperbacks, to some small stocking stuffer books. Did I say that everybody loves Peanuts?

Holiday Gift Suggestion:

Coloring Books (Some all ages, some not.)

Coloring books have been a bit of a craze for adults, but kids have always known what fun they are. You might just know somebody who is interested in coloring the Mouseguard, Deadpool, or even the Walking Dead.  Check out our coloring book shelf. Crayons and colored pencils not included.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Gift Suggestion: 

Super Hero Books for Girls

We have a number of great superhero books for girls. The comics world is no longer for boys only and these three books (and they are not the only ones) are great examples of that. There is something here for all girls, young and the young at heart/

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday gift suggestion:

Best American Comics 2016

This year's guest editor is Roz Chast who has had her cartoons published in the New Yorker since 1978 and has written or illustrated over a dozen books. Her selections of the best of 2016 includes the work of Lynda Barry, Kate Beaton, Cece Bell, Ben Katchor, Joe Sacco, Andrian Tomine, Chris Ware, Julia Wertz and more. Give only the best comics this year!


Holiday Gift Suggestion

Arab of the Future

An interntionally acclaimed #1 French bestseller, Riad Sattouf's unforgettable story of a childhood spent in the shadow of Muammar Gaddafi, Hafez al-Assad - and his own father. 

"The Arab of the Future is a beautifully cartooned story that is both modern and timeless. The protaganist is one fo the the most endearing in comics. An important book, not just as art but as a window to another world."  - Gene Yang, author of American Born Chinese

Was $20.00... Now $12.99

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Gift Suggestion

SAGA Figures, Statue, and Plushies

You know somebody who loves SAGA, but you don't know which books they have read? Why anguish over a gift? How about picking up an action figure set, statue, or cuddly plush toy? 

Alana and Marco Action Figure Set. Get Alana and Marco to act out some of your favorite scenes from SAGA. From McFarlane Toys. $50.00

Lying Cat Plush Toy. Adorable talking Lying Cat can cuddle with you at night, purr, and tell you that you are lying. Designed by Fiona Staples. $39.99

Lying Cat Statue. Designed and manufactured for Local Comic Shop Day 2016, this 8 inch tall statue was limited to one per comic book store. Get the one we have before it's gone. $99.99

Holiday Gift Suggestion

The Realist Cartoons

The Realist was the legendary satirical periodical, published by Paul Krassner (provacateur, radical, yippie, prankster) that ran from 1958 to 2001 and published some of the most incendiary cartoons that ever appeared in an American magazine. The REALIST CARTOONS collects, for the first time, the best, the wittiest, and the most provocative drawings that appeared in its pages, including work by R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman, S. Clay Wilson, Jay Lynch, Trina Robbins, Mort Gerberg, Jay Kinney, Richard Guindon, Nicole Hollander, Skip Williamson, and many others. The perfect gift for that rascal Berkeley baby boomer in your life.

"The FBI was right. This man is dangerous - and funny; and necessary." - George Carlin

296 pages. $44.99

Monday, December 12, 2016

Holiday Gift Suggestion

Rainbow Batman Action Figure Set

Ripped out of the pages of the March 1957 issue of Detective Comics #241, where Batman keeps changing his costume, comes this six figure action set. If you want to know the reason why he kept changing color, we have a copy of the 80 Page Giant Batman #182 that reprints the story. The action figure set retails at $70. The comic (in good - very good condition) sells for $15. Get one (or both) for that Batman fan in your life.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday gift suggestion:

Strangers in Paradise Omnibus

It's the complete run of Terry Moore's STRANGERS IN PARADISE series in a two volume, slip-cased set. This set comes with a separate print signed by Terry Moore. The perfect gift for a fan of the series or even for yourself if you've been good. $100 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

SUCH A LOVELY WAR by Marcelino Troung

I just read Such a Lovely War by Marcelino Troung, set in Vietnam from 1961 to 1963. Based upon his personal remembrances, later conversations with his father, and the news from that time, Troung tells the story, from his unique viewpoint, the beginnings of the Vietnam War, a time when his father is called back from the Vietnamese embassy, and the family's comfortable life in the U.S., to be President Diem's interpreter. By switching back and forth between telling his story and explaining the events from his adult viewpoint we get a first hand account of life in Saigon at the time, the workings of the inner government circle and how those events effected Vietnam, its people, and his family. Really good stuff.
- Paul

Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/19/16 - Box Brown at the Berkeley Library

Really looking forward to the Box Brown reading and signing at the main branch of the Berkeley Public Library on Wednesday, October 19. We are partnering with the library on the event. We will have copies of Tetris available to be signed, along with Andre the Giant, his mini comic Everthing Dies, and copies of the Adventure Time comic he wrote a story for.